Symantec Corporation Launches Symantec Service Corps

Symantec is proud to announce the pilot of a new initiative–the Symantec Service Corps program–that will give Symantec employees new opportunities to develop leadership skills and support our social responsibility goals.

Program Overview

Many organizations in the developing world have limited resources to increase their capacity and operate more effectively. To fulfill this need, Symantec created the Symantec Service Corps program to utilize the best of what we have to offer–our people! Symantec will pilot the program by sending a team of 10 people on a 4-week assignment to support women’s empowerment in Peru. Our selected participants will have the chance to showcase our engaged and committed workforce and our commitment to social impact.

Participants will have the opportunity to travel to a second-tier city to work on a skills-based project with a local organization, university, or government entity. (Sample projects include developing a strategic plan, assessing local markets, creating training materials, etc.) Team members will have the opportunity to improve the local client’s capabilities, boosting their ability to provide critically-needed services in their communities.  We also anticipate that this opportunity will help participants develop key skills that will enhance their careers. Participants will be fully immersed in the local culture, where they will learn about the unique challenges of the region.

Join us in Peru!

Our pilot team will be bloggin before, during, and after our trip (14 Feb–15 March). Check back often for updates from our Corps Members!

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