Day 2: Feb 17 Kick-Off

Hola a todos!  I’m Craig Chan, from the Pricing and Licensing Team within Finance and am based at our Mt. View, CA headquarters.  It’s hard to believe this day is here as it had been long awaited.  We started this journey in October when we first heard about SSC, applied and were accepted in November, and began our 8 weekly team training sessions in December.  Countless hours of preparation have been invested into this program before we even arrived here, and today was the kick-off event.

Each of the 3 Symantec sub-groups were formally introduced to their clients and both the SSC team and clients gave brief introductions.  After the event, we went to our respective client organizations to begin work.  Kamal LaBreche (Canada), Chris Brown (Australia) and I are working with Descosur, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting social and economic development for marginalized and rural populations in Peru. The organization looks to increase family income and strengthen local institutions by targeting the supply chains of the local agricultural industry, which includes alpaca, dairy, Andean crop, fruit, and processed food production.   Our job is to assess their accounting system, and make recommendations to  improve availability, security, functionality, and efficiency.  Below is a picture of our team at the kick-off event.

Peru 20140217 371

Left to right: Chris Brown, Prakash PP, Craig Chan, Claire Dean, Alicia Pereira Pimentel, Joseph Ferrar, Allyson Gomez, Marq Bauman, Ashley Savageau, Kamal LaBreche.

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4 Responses to Day 2: Feb 17 Kick-Off

  1. Kathy Hargis says:

    There are 10 people in the picture but only 9 names below… who is missing? 🙂

  2. Craig says:

    Thanks for catching this. I updated the list to include Claire.

  3. craigchan says:

    Thanks for catching this. I updated the list of names.

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