CIED Project Update

Bienvenidos para  Arequipa, Peru!

Allyson Gomez, Marq Bauman, and Prakash PP have come together to work with a local nonprofit in efforts to do well and do good for global communities and Symantec. Allyson comes from Human Resources in Mountain View with a special focus in organizational development. Marq comes from IT in Springfield with a specialty in process analysis. Prakash comes from Consumer Support in Chennai with a specialty in project management. Together the three of us will work with the Center of Research, Education, and Development (CIED) to help them with an organizational restructuring. We are excited to assist CIED with their organizational change, provide guidance, and learn more about nonprofits and Peruvian culture in the process.

CIED was founded 41 years ago, and they have regional offices in Lurin, Puno, Selva, and Arequipa. This nonprofit mainly works in poorer parts of Peru specializing in projects benefiting rural areas, agro-industrial developments, and tourism. After 41 years of existence, they are craving an organizational restructure that will strengthen the social and public institutions as well as increase funding for rural economic development.

Within the past week we have been working diligently to gather information about the organizational structure, employee roles and tasks, and how CIED functions. We are using the People-Process-Technology approach to create a framework for our deliverables. Even though Symantec and CIED operate in vastly different markets and locations, there are similarities. One fascinating example of the commonalities was seen when the National Director debriefed us on basic needs and mentioned how his staff doesn’t have a “North” to guide them. This comment resonated with us instantly (as with any Symantec employee). Some concepts such as doing good and “True North” translate across borders. We immediately felt a connection between CIED’s goals and Symantec’s strategy.

No matter the size, scope, or country, people and organizations need a common direction to be efficient and productive. We look forward to what the coming weeks have to offer for all involved. Stay tuned.

Allyson, Marq, and Prakash.

(Left to right: Alfonso (CIED), Allyson, Marq, Alfredo (Interpreter), Mauricio (CIED), and Prakash.)

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