Hello from Arequipa – One week in “The White City”

Arequipa, Peru is known colloquially as “The White City” this is primarily due to the fact that much of the old city is build out of a white type of volcanic rock called Sillar. Examples of which can easily be seen in the city’s main square “La Plaza des Armas” IMG_3374

The trip here was a bit harrowing (I flew from Toronto – Sao Paulo – Lima – Arequipa) as there was an unexpected 15 hour layover in the Sao Paulo airport followed by a missed connection in Lima and exacerbated by delayed luggage. Once I arrived in Arequipa however, our accommodations La Casa de mi Abuela out did all my expectations and helped wash away the stresses of my journey. My luggage arrived after about 30 hours (and a bit of emergency shopping for socks and other necessities) none worse for wear.

On our second full day in country, the team at PYXERA global organized a bus tour to help us get acquainted with our surroundings and let me just say, the city is BEAUTIFUL. A few highlights of the bus tour were clear views of the two prominent mountains;
El Misti

and Chachani

Best of all… goofing off with the team!

On Monday, our work began, and my sub-team; Craig Chan (licensing genius), Chris Brown (IT Guru) and I bit into the challenge at hand with vigor. We are going to be spending the month working with DESCOSUR (an organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of rural and marginalized populations) to modernize their accounting software and processes. The DESCOSUR team is dedicated and we look forward to adding some value to this most deserving organization. A team picture is below.

Other than work, life in Arequipa is pretty amazing. Being from Canada, I’m astounded by the weather, which is like a perpetual spring (or so the locals say) and feel at home among the people, who are incredibly friendly and welcoming. The food here is delicious and I’ll report back later with some of my favorite dishes!
Asta luego mi amigos!

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