CIED Project Update 2

Snapshot of a day at CIED

In last week’s post we mentioned how we saw similarities between Symantec and CIED needing to have a North. We start our morning meetings with the director and team to discuss CIED’s mission and vision. From here we make minor tweaks to the mission to help it translate well for international sponsors. The CIED team is brainstorming slogans to build unity and create a north.

team image

After our meeting:
shadowingstudying hard
(Marq and Prakash shadow employees to better understand their processes and technology usage. Allyson works on building trainings for CIED)

Lunch time
(Tipika: simbolo de la sazon Arequipena) 
(Our interpreter and his family)

Currently CIED has a Sillar Route Project which brings the local artisan communities together to develop a tourist route. It involves chiseling Sillar (white volcanic rock) into monumental structures similar to those found in Petra, Jordan. They hope this project and route will improve the quality of life, prevent exploitation, and provide locals with an income source.

(Ruta del Sillar advertised on Sillar)

After lunch, CIED hosts a workshop for a local rural community. This particular workshop educates the people about the democratic election process to help them select future community representatives. Watching the election process live has given us insight into challenges the rural areas face.

We end the day with a camera crew. They film us in our work environment and ask questions about our projects. At the end of the project we will have a video combining all three SSC projects and experiences.

pap(Marq taking a picture of Allyson taking a picture of Prakash being filmed)

We have learned a lot about the organization and are putting together an action plan that will strengthen CIED’s current and future organizational structure. Our action plan includes best practice documents, trainings, a proposed organizational chart, and technology recommendations. Next week we will visit the Sillar Route and finalize our deliverables. Stay tuned!

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