Cuy Cuy Cuy

It’s official!! We have had cuy.

Prakash, Marq, and I went to Picanteria Ocopa and shared one:

Claire and Joe went to Cuyeria “Sonia”
con cabeza y sin cabeza

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3 Responses to Cuy Cuy Cuy

  1. Prakash P P says:

    The Cuy looks pretty happy 🙂

  2. allysongomez says:

    Tastes like chicken, but won’t be having it again.

  3. josephferrar says:

    I’m going to stick up for the Cuy Chatado – I thought it was pretty good! However having said that, like Allyson, I won’t be having it again for a while! Similar to a cheese fondue… it’s the kind of meal that you can stomach once, maybe twice per year!
    It was certainly an interesting experience – the Paz peru team taught Claire and I how to eat the Cuy and seemed impressed (and a little amused) with our efforts. One lady even demonstrated for us how to eat the head and where to find the ‘fox’ bone, which is supposed to be good luck if you drop it in your bear and drink it. We gave this part a miss 😉

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