Final CIED Project Update

Share a little bit about your experience working with CIED?


“To be honest, I did not know what to expect in Peru or when working with people at CIED. I have traveled many times outside India before but this was my first time in Latin America. To my surprise, I slowly discovered that in terms of work culture, Peru was not very different from India. I was able to relate to the CIED employees almost immediately and this really helped. I was also amazed at the passion they had for the work they did and I believe that this a key factor that has helped them sustain for over 40 years.” -Prakash PP

“I saw a lot of similarities between Symantec and CIED in regards to both needing and going through a change initiative. For our final presentation, we focused on the following 5 areas:
We included suggestions around mission and vision, organizational chart, job descriptions, communication and trust training, process flow, SOPs, and technology recommendations. With a background in Human Resources and Organizational Development, I believe people are the most important aspect in any organization. For a change implementation to be successful, you need everyone on board. It was a lot of fun applying my skillset and experience to this consulting opportunity. I hope CIED puts our recommendations into action. As for our core team, it was great working with Symantec employees from other regions and departments. Prakash, Marq, and I put our heads together and created an action plan for CIED in less than a month. This is an experience I won’t forget.” -Allyson Gomez

“As our team winds down our mission to Peru, I have taken a few moments to reflect on all of the things that I have personally learned. The one concept that stands out to me the most is how similar Symantec and CIED are in terms of needing to make a change. We may be vastly different in terms of size and scope of our products and functions, but the core needs of a functional organization remain the same regardless of size. Both organizations have had past successes but recently have experienced challenges that required them to transform their identity for a better future. In fact, we are so similar that when the CIED National Director met with us to describe the state of his organization he actually said his staff doesn’t have a “North” to guide them. My teammates and I were instantly reminded of similar words from our own leadership. The recommendations we made to CIED can be applied at home at Symantec, just as we have adapted Symantec concepts to assist CIED in their road to improvement. I am excited about the possibilities for both organizations and feel fortunate to be able to be a part of the solutions for both as well.” -Marq Bauman


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