Meet your 2015 Symantec Service Corps – Turkey team

We are excited to announce the 2015 Symantec Service Corps team heading to Ankara, Turkey for a month-long pro bono service opportunity with local Turkish nonprofits:

map graphic 2[1] copy.jpg

Service Corps Turkey 2015 team members will come from four different countries to work in Ankara, Turkey.

service_corps_amitoj_duggal_300x104_r2     archana2     service_corps_joseph_gifford_300x104_r2     service_corps_mirabel_ramos_300x104_r3     service_corps_patricia_christofferson_300x104_r2     service_corps_rachel_yokum_300x104_r3     service_corps_shantanu_gattani_300x104_r3     service_corps_sohini_nathoo_300x104_r2     service_corps_travis_goldberg_300x104_r2

These employees were selected based on a combination of their application essays, consultation with HR business partners, and alignment with nonprofit needs. The selection team looks for employees that demonstrate flexibility to changing circumstances, adaptability, a “can do” attitude, an established interest in skills-based service, a sense of adventure, openness to new ideas and cultures, and a desire to step out of their comfort zone.

Preparing for Turkey

The Service Corps team will prepare for the project over the next few months, conducting pre-work activities each week, and collaborating with their teams and managers to ensure their current responsibilities are covered during their time away. The team will depart for Turkey on February 28 and will spend the first week meeting with the clients and refining their scope of work. They will conduct the project for two weeks, and in the final week, they will share what they learned by delivering presentations and conducting staff trainings. On March 28, the team will return home and share their experiences with the company.

The Corporate Responsibility team is currently working to identify the organizations with which the team will be working. The projects selected will reflect the specific skill sets of the team members selected.

You can follow the team’s journey here on the Symantec Service Corps blog and the Corporate Responsibility in Action blog.

Congratulations to the new team and best of luck on your upcoming assignments!

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1 Response to Meet your 2015 Symantec Service Corps – Turkey team

  1. Alicia Pereira says:

    Congratulations to you all! Wishing you the best already and I can’t wait to read your blog posts and updates next year.

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