Ready or not…

The time has come. After months of pre work, group meeting, sub group meetings, and client meetings, the time has come. The Symantec Service Corps assignment in Ankara, Turkey awaits, and I am filled with a myriad of mixed emotions as I begin the end of my preparations, to go. I am inspired by this incredible opportunity to work with fellow colleagues, from around the world, for a great cause. I am excited to meet new and interesting people from differing backgrounds, with fresh ideas. I am enthusiastic about engaging in a new (to me) culture, with a deep seeded history stretching all the way back to the cradle of civilization. I am also quite anxious for the uncertainties ahead, but I am truly grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from friends, family and colleagues, alike.

As I take a quick break from packing, and ticking the ‘to do’ items off my endless check list, I sit down, and switch on the television. Locked Up Abroad comes on, and I immediately change the channel. On the next, Air Crash Investigators has just started, and I begin to think that it is in my best interest to turn off the television, and return to my list. How do I pack for 30 days?  Will 8 pairs of pants suffice?  Should I bring gifts? Where will I do my laundry? What will I eat? Where will I be fortunate enough to travel to, in my time off? Will I be successful, working with the client? Will everyone get along? Deep breath…relax…relax…breathe.

I suppose I could go on with an Academy Awards length list of thank yous, but I won’t. I would however, like to offer a whole hearted thank you to everyone at Symantec, Pyxera and Flying Broom, for making this opportunity possible.

So, ready or not, the time has come, and I am elated with excitement for what lies ahead, for my colleagues and for me, in Ankara, Turkey.

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