First Impressions …

The first 24 hours in Ankara have been a panorama of emotions. The excitement of being in a new place. Discovering the first bits of a new language and culture. The camaraderie of team members joining from different parts of the world. Learning about IMG_0863the inspiring journeys that brought these people here. Seeing a path get slowly laid out for our month ahead.

To me Ankara feels foreign and familiar all at the same time. The amalgam of traditional and modern; the mix of opulent and modest; the mosque around the bend from the pub; and the blend of colors in the city are remarkably reminiscent of cities in India. The Turkish language too shares roots with Urdu and I find myself recognizing some words here and there! To top if off, Samet from Pyxera Global, our unofficial guide, is a complete blast and has been showing us a great time through the neighborhood and the city. That’s him holding the cat above, which btw just strayed by!

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One Response to First Impressions …

  1. Alicia Pereira says:

    We had dogs as mascots during our volunteering time in Peru, i see you’ve got cats! Lovely 😉

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