3 long haul flights later and I finally made it safe and sound to Ankara. Tiredness had kicked in, but my mind was still running overtime.  What would our living quarters be like?  Would everyone click?  Would the clients see us as a nuisance or be welcome to have us? Upon arrival at our hotel, was happy to see that we had been provided with spacious rooms and instead of resting, I joined the team for dinner.   Conversation flowed easily, despite most of us having very little personal interaction prior to the trip.  Participating in orientation over the wknd, exploring a bit of the city and enjoying a few good meals together was great as we knew that once we met our various organizations we would turn our attention to the scope of work. One of my favorite experience’s thus far was a trip to the local supermarket with my teammates Mirabel and Joe.  The intention was a quick stop to purchase some fresh mulberries, which were rare in our hometowns.  Instead, we left bellies full, after having shared in a traditional breakfast with the shopkeeper and his friends. The meal consisted of fresh bread, chillies and an omelette filled with sucuk (Turkish spiced salami).  It pays to have a teammate that speaks Turkish on our team.  Am certain that if Joe hadn’t shown an interest or taken the time to engage with the men in store we would not have experienced the same hospitality.  I think it applies to most places one visits, if you take the time to learn the local language or even just a few words, people form a new found respect for you.   Hoping that by the end of the month I’ll know a lot more than Merhaba (hello) and Teshekurler (thank you).  I have 2 great teachers, Joe and our taxi driver Haayder.

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2 Responses to Turkeylicious…

  1. Alicia Pereira says:

    Lucky you! The food and experience must have been amazing

  2. Archana says:

    Great blog Sohini ! The cultural interaction is a great highlight.

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