Time flies when you’re having fun…

As we put together our final presentation and recommendations for our client, we reflect on our Service Corps journey and the time we’ve spent in Ankara.

From witnessing the queues of refugees patiently awaiting registration outside ASAM’s offices to our fact finding mission of understanding how things work within the organization and working as a team to put together a plan to streamline processes…it’s been a humbling and rewarding few weeks.

Team Asam

Some of our highlights:

  •  The warm hospitality of the car wash team that greet us and invite us to join in their daily tea and music breaks
  • Our first meeting with the UNHCR team, followed by a return visit to hand out sandwiches to refugees
  • Quiz night at the British Embassy and taking home the winnings
  • Seeing first hand some of the work our client ASAM does at the International Women’s day festival
  • Being assaulted with desserts and food wherever we go as everyone take’s Joe to be a celebrity of sort
  • Our dinners and weekend fun with the broader team

Sandwich Making Day

All of the above has made Ankara feel more like home and the rest of our team feel like family. These memories will be more valuable than any souvenirs we might take back with us.

 Auf widersehen for now 😉


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2 Responses to Time flies when you’re having fun…

  1. Louise Hanlon says:

    Fantastic to see and hear all about this amazing journey you have had and Cleary the impact with the charity and amongst the community! well done Joe to you and all the team in Turkey

  2. Archana says:

    Amazing indeed ! Felt like I was there.

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