Human Peeling

Preface: I am Samet and I have been working with the SSC team as a local consultant from Turkey. The following is a post I would like to add to the blog as a thank you to everybody who are involved.


Sometimes you congratulate people and it is because the tradition dictates it… Like when a sibling gets a new job or a friend finishes building a house of cards.  And then there are other times when you really mean it… Like when a bunch of strangers come together to work in a country on the other side of the planet for a month surrounded by new sights, new sounds, definitely new smells, dizzying sugar rushes, cute smiling foreign faces, erratic sidewalks, emotionally compromised drivers,  awkward social encounters and they STILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

When I first laid my eyes on these beautiful people full of excitement with their laptops jiggling with potential, I tried to carve the image into my mind.  Because I knew the future me would love to compare the images. Today is the last day and I clearly see everybody lost a tonne of weight. This weight has nothing to do with the human body but everything to do with being human.

The whole process in the beginning was a set of plans, itineraries, decisions, guidelines, briefings, preparations, scopes of work and and many other words. However necessary these things may be, they were heavy on ones shoulders. For the upcoming four weeks they would have to climb steep hills, dig deep, reach out and scratch until they killed it. You would expect this to make these relentless overachievers tired or depressed or something. But with every passing week they became more vigorous, happier and more excited. This was not because they were finishing the work. This was because as the time passed, this wild and thorny road that they volunteered to walk on was ripping off the layers and layers of formed dynamics, pre-determined business routines, prejudices, misconceptions, doubts and fears. Thus revealing the real human behind. More intuitive, more inquisitive, sharper, brighter and a tonne lighter. (All you have great teeth by the way, covered by insurance?)

This doesn’t mean any human could have done this. It takes real open-mind and endurance, patience and kindness and a keen intelligence to be able to take this on and I can proudly say these are all things that our team has plenty of. I respect each and everyone of you for doing this and envy you because this kind of opportunity lasts for a lifetime.

I would like to finish by saying that we all have our reasons to want to get out of our comfort zones, but the reasons only matter until we make it out.

Hugs & Love from your tastefully chubby Samet.


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