Making progress

Group012compThe 9 of us who came to Ankara as part of this year’s Symantec Service Corps program began our journey together by agreeing upon a name for our team, and the word we chose to best represent our mission was Ilerleme, or Progress.

As our deployment nears its end, it’s clear that there is no better name we could have chosen.

Rather than promoting advancement with a definite end-point, we have encouraged a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement. During the time we’ve spent in the field, we’ve all done our best to share our respective skills and expertise, facilitate constructive change for our client organizations, and to help them to help themselves. We have had to adapt to new roles, in a new context, and to understand our clients’ needs from their perspectives, rather that our own.

Each of us has helped to make our team what it is, and each of us has helped to advance the needs of our clients. It’s an honour to say that, in more ways than one, we have all made Progress. Orient011compI’m glad to say that, moreover, we have made friends for years to come. With the sincerest thanks to everyone on the team, and those who have made this possible, I’ll close by saying that I hope to see you all again; görüşürüz!

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